How to Choose an Electric Scooter: Pay Attention to These Key Points


To purchase the electric scooter of your dreams, apart from setting a clear budget, there are several crucial factors that require your attention. These aspects will directly influence your riding experience, ensuring that the electric scooter you choose is a perfect fit for you. Let's delve into these points in more detail:



Imagine being able to effortlessly fold your electric scooter into a compact size after your ride, whether it's for storing in a vehicle or carrying it along with you. This convenience isn't just handy for public transportation but also allows you to effortlessly store your scooter upon reaching your destination. For JOYOR, the folded dimensions of the S-series electric scooter are 1120*610*525mm.



Additionally, consider whether you're comfortable with the weight of the electric scooter, especially for female users. The net weight range of the S series electric scooters is between 22.1 and 28.2 kg. Opting for a moderately weighted electric scooter will make carrying and using it in daily life more comfortable, while also considering its stability and weight-bearing capacity.


Travel Speed

Do you look forward to cruising smoothly on flat roads? The travel speed of your electric scooter is determined by the motor's output power. Different road conditions will also impact your speed, including rough surfaces, inclines, declines, and areas with pedestrian congestion. E electric scooters have 7.3200W dual drive, top acceleration and climbing ability, strong for all kinds of road conditions



 If you want to navigate urban areas at a faster pace, selecting an electric scooter with higher power output might be more suitable. However, safety remains a top priority. Choosing a model with a maximum speed of around 20 kilometers per hour not only meets commuting needs but also ensures safety.


Battery Life

Imagine your electric scooter being able to cover a sufficient distance on a single charge, meeting your daily commuting requirements without the need for frequent recharging. This means you can enjoy your rides without the worry of running out of battery.


Battery capacity determines how far your electric scooter can travel. Understanding your commuting distance and selecting an appropriate battery capacity ensures you won't be hindered by a low battery while riding.


The configured battery of the Y-S series electric scooter has more capacity, maximum 60V20AH(48V26AH), the longest (MAX) range 100 km. 



Consider whether you'd like a more comfortable riding experience. You can opt for pneumatic or solid tires that provide better shock absorption, ensuring a smoother ride. Medium-sized tires strike a balance between comfort and energy consumption.  JOYOR E series electric scooters have 11 inch wider vacuum tyres for better stability, control and comfort.


Additionally, think about whether you need to add a cushioned seat. This not only enhances comfort but can also be folded when not in use, making it convenient to carry.


FAQs about electric scooters?


What is the recommended weight range for users of the S series electric scooters?

The net weight range of the S series electric scooters is between 22.1 and 28.2 kg. It's advisable to consider a weight that you're comfortable with, especially for female users, to ensure ease of carrying and stability.


How does road condition affect the travel speed of an electric scooter?

The travel speed of your electric scooter is influenced by both the motor's output power and the road conditions. Rough surfaces, inclines, declines, and crowded areas can impact your speed. Opting for a model with higher power output can enhance urban commuting speeds, but safety should remain a priority.


How can I determine the appropriate battery capacity for my daily commuting needs?

The battery capacity of an electric scooter affects its range. Calculate your daily commuting distance and choose a battery capacity that comfortably covers it. For instance, the Y-S series electric scooter is equipped with a battery capacity of up to 60V20AH (48V26AH) for a maximum range of 100 km.


What are the advantages of pneumatic tires over solid tires in terms of comfort?

Pneumatic tires offer better shock absorption and contribute to a smoother ride compared to solid tires. They cushion against bumps and road irregularities, enhancing your overall riding experience.


Can I add a cushioned seat to my electric scooter for improved comfort?

Yes, you can enhance comfort by adding a cushioned seat to your electric scooter. Some models offer foldable seats that are convenient to carry and deploy when needed.


Are there any specific safety recommendations to consider while selecting an electric scooter?

While choosing an electric scooter with higher speed capabilities can be tempting, it's important to prioritize safety. Opt for models with a maximum speed of around 20 kilometers per hour, especially for urban commuting where pedestrian areas are common.




Before purchasing an electric scooter, take some time to research the features and specifications of different models to ensure the one you choose perfectly suits your needs. Considering factors such as portability, speed, battery life, and comfort, you'll undoubtedly find the electric scooter that's best suited for you, making every ride a delightful experience. Joyorescooter maybe a good choice.

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