E Series Products Are Suitable for Removable battery, top configuration, industry benchmark


Product Advantage:
1. The removable battery design makes the electric scooter easier to maintain and charge
2. Steering dampers to prevent jitter caused by fast riding, bring smooth and precise steering experience and enhance safety
3. Full scooter waterproof socket, allowing users to use the product with confidence, whether in rainy, windy or wet conditions
4. NFC function to enhance the portability and fun of locking the scooter for users
5.11 inch wider vacuum tyres for better stability, control and comfort
6. Front and rear hydraulic damping system, effectively absorbing road vibration, improving riding comfort and smoothness
7.3200W dual drive, top acceleration and climbing ability, strong for all kinds of road conditions

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JOYOR E8s Dual Motor Electric ScooterJOYOR E8s Dual Motor Electric Scooter
JOYOR E8s Dual Motor Electric Scooter