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How Do You Lock Up an Electric Scooter? A Comprehensive Guide


Safeguarding your ride is a must to ward off theft and ensure worry-free cruising. Locking bicycles is very common in daily life, but have you ever wondered how to lock up an electric scooter and where to lock electric scooter? Don't worry, this blog will answer it all for you. Read on to fortify your scooter, deter thieves, and enjoy peace of mind on every ride. Let's roll securely into the future! 


How Do You Lock Up an Electric Scooter?Can You Lock Up an Electric Scooter?

The short answer is definitely “Yes”. Securing your electric scooter is crucial to prevent theft and ensure its safety. Many electric scooters come with built-in locking mechanisms, allowing you to secure them easily when not in use. Some models have integrated cables or chains that you can use to tether the scooter to fixed objects like bike racks. Additionally, external locks, such as U-locks or cable locks, can be added for an extra layer of security.

How Do You Lock Up an Electric Scooter?

1. Assess Secure Locking Points:    

  • Examine your electric scooter for sturdy parts like the deck latch/handle, ensuring it's integrated into the frame.   
  • Avoid locking through parts that can be unscrewed, snapped, or broken off, such as handlebars or removable panels.    
  • Steer clear of the folding mechanism and refrain from locking only the front or rear wheel.

2. Choose a Well-Lit Parking Spot:   

  • Park your scooter in a well-lit public area with high visibility, like a bike rack or near a busy retail space.   
  • Avoid hiding your scooter, as visibility discourages thieves and increases the chances of intervention.

3. Lock to a Permanent Fixture:   

  • Select a permanent fixture securely anchored to concrete or asphalt.   
  • Avoid fixtures that can be easily broken through with tools, such as metal fences or structures.

4. Invest in a High-Quality Lock:   

  • Prioritize a heavy-duty lock composed of hardened steel, with a thickness of at least 5-10mm.   
  • Be cautious with cable locks, as they are relatively easy to cut through with tools like bolt cutters.

Where to Lock Electric Scooter?

Choosing the right places to secure your electric scooter is crucial for its safety. Avoid threading the lock on easily cut metal fences, and instead, opt for fixed, sturdy structures like bike racks, steel posts, or tall signposts. Public places enhance visibility and discourage thieves, especially with the presence of security cameras. Nighttime security is vital, so lock your scooter in well-lit areas. When choosing locking points, consider the electric scooter's folding mechanism, stem, or carrying handle. Avoid locking at the wheel, handlebars, fenders, or bolted-in accessories, as these can compromise security. Many electric scooters feature built-in locking mechanisms, and it's recommended to make a judgment based on the scooter's make and model. Quick folding options, like those offered by most electric scooters, make locking at the stem a convenient and secure choice.

How Do You Lock Up an Electric Scooter?

What Is the Best Lock for a Scooter?

Choosing the right lock for your electric scooter is crucial for ensuring its security. Here are some types of electric scooter locks to consider:

1. U-Locks:    

  • Highly secure with hardened steel bodies and thick shackles.   
  • Effective against theft attempts but heavy and less portable.

2. Chain Lock:   

  • Offers high security with versatility due to its length.   
  • Resistant to wire cutters, requiring more robust tools for cutting.   
  • Heavier and less portable, necessitating a carrying bag.

3. Folding Lock:   

  • Provides high security with a lightweight and compact design.   
  • Not as secure as chain or U-locks due to its vulnerability to attacks.    - Suitable for everyday use.

4. Ring Lock:   

  • Adds an extra layer of protection, especially for the wheel with open spokes.
  • Made of hardened steel with a central cable to prevent wheel rotation.

Choosing the Best Lock

Consider your budget, as quality locks can be pricey. Cheaper locks may suffice for lower-risk locations, but high-risk environments require more investment in top-tier security. Assess the value of your electric scooter; more expensive models attract more attention and may need higher security. Evaluate the level of risk in your surroundings, considering factors like community safety, parking conditions, and how long your scooter is left unattended. Make an informed decision based on these factors to ensure optimal security for your electric scooter.

Additional Tips for Locking an Electric Scooter 

Locking an electric scooter involves more than just choosing the right lock; adding a cover to your security arsenal can provide an additional layer of protection. Especially if you plan on leaving your electric scooter outdoors overnight, a polyester fabric cover is recommended. This material shields your scooter from the elements, offering protection during both rainy and hot weather. Furthermore, the weight of the cover can act as a deterrent for potential thieves, as they are less likely to target something that requires additional time and effort to steal. When selecting a lock, consider your specific needs, and always take precautions such as keeping the lock off the ground to prevent it from being easily tampered with. By investing in a reliable lock and adding a cover to shield your electric scooter, you enhance its security and discourage theft attempts, ensuring peace of mind for your rides.


In conclusion, securing your electric scooter involves thoughtful choices in both lock type and parking location. This blog gives you a detailed introduction to how to lock up an electric scooter and where to lock electric scooter. Opt for high-quality locks like U-locks, chain locks, or folding locks based on your budget and security needs. Choose well-lit, high-traffic areas and secure your scooter to permanent fixtures while avoiding vulnerable points. If you want to learn more about electric scooter, come to JOYOR and consulate our experts!

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