Shipping & Delivery


Our products are divided into European warehouse products, US warehouse products, Chinese warehouse products, and custom-made products. For models from overseas warehouses, delivery time to EU countries and the US is approximately 2-7 days through express delivery. For models from the Chinese warehouse, we support both sea and air shipping. The specific delivery costs and timeframes may vary in real-time, so please consult our online customer service for details. As for custom-made models, they require a certain production cycle and minimum order quantity. Please contact our customer service for specific information. 

Overseas Warehouse Dropshipping (Normal shipping within 3 days, logistics delivery takes 3-8 days):

US Warehouse Models S5,S10-S,G3 with seat,G5 with seat
Europe Warehouse Models Y6-S Black, S5, S10-S, Y8-S German standard custom version (speed limited to 25 miles per hour)

Minimum Order Quantity: Ideally, the minimum order quantity for each model should not be lower than 10 units. However, for small clients without the capability, they have the option to mix 10 units within the same series. It is advisable for small clients to choose models that are readily available in stock, which do not require production or customization.


Production Time for Out-of-Stock Products: 8-inch cars are estimated to take two weeks for production, while 10-inch cars may take two to three weeks. Specific timelines need to be confirmed through procurement.


Logistics Support: Our logistics modes include EXW, FOB, and more.

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