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How to Ride an Electric Scooter Safely


Are Electric Scooters Safe? This question gets attention these days. Nowadays, when you go out for work or hang out, it’s not a new thing to find electric scooters everywhere. Rather than traditional bikes or e-bikes, more and more people choose electric scooters. It is becoming a new lifestyle in cities. But this fashionable transportation choice also brings questions like “how to ride an electric scooter safely?” and “how to ride electric scooter for beginners”. If you have the same questions, don’t worry! Today, in this article, we will explore some electric scooter safety tips to help you ensure a secure and enjoyable riding experience.


Is Electric Scooter Safe? Stay Focused and Wear a Helmet


We advise you to buy a helmet before you ride on it if you want to know how to ride an electric scooter for the first time. And remember, always wear a helmet. This is because helmets are your best defense against head injuries, which can be life-threatening. 


Just as fighter pilots meticulously check their aircraft before taking off, riders must perform a pre-ride check. Ensure that the throttle and brake are working correctly. Examine the tires for damage and check the tire pressure, especially if they are air-filled. Verify the battery level to make sure you reach your destination, and ensure that the scooter's lights are operational if you plan to ride in the dark.


Never Tandem Ride Solo If You Want a Safe Electric Scooter Ride


Electric scooters are designed for one person. While it may seem tempting to bring a friend along when you ride electric scooter on sidewalk, doing so compromises the scooter's stability and balance. Riding tandem requires standing with your feet parallel, which diminishes balance and safety. To maximize scooter safety, adopt a skateboard or snowboard stance with your feet for balance and control.


Electric Scooter Is Safe If You Don't Use Your Phone While Riding


Never use your phone while you drive a scooter. Trying to steer a scooter with one hand is challenging enough, and you need to maintain full focus. Using a phone while riding not only endangers you but also poses a risk to other road users. Avoid distracted scootering at all costs.


Slow Down Before Turning Your Electric Scooter


Turning on an electric scooter can be risky, especially left turns in regions with right-hand traffic and driving an electric scooter on pavement. Most scooters lack mirrors, requiring riders to look over their shoulders before making a turn. This maneuver can lead to accidents and veering off course. Always slow down properly before turning and, if needed, use hand signals to indicate your direction.


Keep Your Eyes on the Road When Riding Electric Scooter


Vigilance is crucial when it comes to electric scooter safety. Small wheels require riders to be attentive to road conditions. So be sure to look out for potholes and imperfections while riding, because they could catch you off guard. Also, keep your eyes focused on not just a few feet in front, but a point well ahead of you.


Avoid Riding Electric Scooter in Rain and Pedestrian Areas


Electric scooters are not ideal for wet weather conditions, even if they have a good IP rating. Lower grip, slick patches, and white lines can make riding in the rain treacherous. Moreover, avoid riding in pedestrian areas, and always plan your route to stay clear of areas where you may not be permitted to ride.


Follow Regular Road Safety 


electric scooter is safe or not


Use common sense and adhere to traffic laws as you would while driving a car. Never ride an electric scooter when intoxicated or under the influence of any substance that impairs your judgment. Statistics show that electric scooter accidents are more frequent during hours when people tend to consume alcohol. Stay sober and ride responsibly.


Maintain Your Electric Scooter Regularly


Regular maintenance of your electric scooter is essential. Loose screws and bolts can pose a safety hazard. Vibrations can cause components to become loose, so make sure to retighten them regularly. Maintaining your scooter in good condition is easy and can prevent accidents.




Electric scooter is safe or not? It depends on you! Safety should always be a top priority despite the fact that electric scooters can provide a fun and efficient way for you to get around. By following the above electric scooter safety tips, hope you can reduce the risk of accidents and enjoy your rides with confidence.


At Joyor, we understand the importance of safe and reliable electric scooters. We are committed to delivering high-quality electric scooters that meet the highest safety standards with over a decade of experience in electric vehicle production. When choosing an electric scooter, opt for a reputable brand like Joyor to ensure a secure and enjoyable riding experience. Ride smart, stay safe, and make the most of your electric scooter adventures.

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