Are Electric Scooters Safe?

The prevalence of e scooter actually aggravate the road safety. However, every vehicles should be allowed to use on the roads. In order to decrease it ,we have to pay more attention to safety problem. JOYOR has safest scooter to keep you safe.

Electric scooters (e-scooters) available for shared use have become a familiar sight in cities and on college campuses throughout the United States. Similar to bike-sharing programs, these scooters are conveniently located on the streets, can be unlocked using a smartphone app, and left at your destination. However, the convenience comes with a downside: a surge in emergency room visits linked to e-scooter incidents. Many people are afraid of electric scooter danger.

Given the rising number of injuries associated with e-scooters, it is crucial to understand the potential dangers and adhere to regulations governing their use. It's essential, especially for the safety of children, to stay informed. I will show you Are electric scooters safe and how to prevent electric scooter danger.


Electric Scooter Danger

Electric scooter danger is prevalent .The research also delved into a comparative analysis of e-scooter injury data and insights gathered from interviews with emergency room patients who had suffered injuries while cycling. According to IIHS researchers, e-scooter riders experienced a higher incidence of injuries per mile compared to cyclists. Intriguingly, e-scooter riders were twice as likely to sustain injuries due to factors like potholes, pavement cracks, lampposts, and signposts. In contrast, cyclists were three times more likely to be involved in collisions with motor vehicles.

This study sheds light on the unforeseen safety challenges arising from the rapid expansion of this evolving mode of transportation. The swift proliferation of e-scooter availability, driven by urban dwellers seeking convenient and cost-effective alternatives to navigating through motor vehicle traffic, has outpaced the formulation of adequate regulations. Early adopters grapple with a combination of inexperience and insufficient infrastructure.

As per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, e-scooters contributed to approximately 50,000 emergency department visits and at least 27 fatalities between 2017 and 2019. Alarmingly, both injuries and fatalities exhibited an upward trend year after year, emphasizing the pressing need for increased safety measures and regulations.


Tips About How to Prevent E Scooter Accident


Handle with Care

Make sure you can control e scooter before you take it to the street.Consider an empty parking lot nearby for your practice sessions. Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of your scooter: unfolding and folding, powering up, kicking off, maintaining balance, steering, and, of course, mastering the art of braking. Take it slow – there's no need to rush. If you feel a tumble coming, remember that jumping off is often the safest course of action. Protect yourself; the scooter can be repaired or replaced.


Rainy Day Riding Tips

 Before venturing out in the rain, keep in mind that not all electric scooters are completely waterproof. Prior to rent, check the Ingress Protection (IP) rating, a two-digit number like 65. The first digit rates resistance to solid objects (1-6), and the second digit gauges moisture resistance (1-9).


For rain protection, aim for a rating of at least 5, indicating resistance to 'low-pressure jets' of directed water from any angle. This level is classified as 'water-resistant.' Examine the scooter's warranty; you may find coverage limited to dry conditions.

Illuminate your scooter's lights for visibility during rainy rides. LED lights from a bike shop can make you highly visible on the road, reducing the risk of accidents. Avoid puddles, as the depth is unpredictable, and an electric scooter's low ground clearance may lead to mishaps if it encounters a concealed pothole.


Maintenance Matters

Inspect the tires for wear and tear before you take it to the street, choose another e scooter if the grooves are fading. Look out for foreign objects stuck in the tire, such as stones or thorns, which could puncture the inner tube.


The Best E Scooter Protection -Helmet

As per the National Association of City Transportation Officials, e-scooter enthusiasts tallied a staggering 86 million rides in 2019. The IIHS notes that while ridership took a dip in the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's poised to rebound as folks seek socially distanced alternatives to traditional transit. However, this resurgence raises safety concerns, particularly for pedestrians sharing spaces with e-scooters.

The study reveals that e-scooter riders and cyclists faced injuries of comparable severity, though the nature of injuries varied. E-scooter riders, often sans helmets, displayed a higher likelihood of skull fractures and loss of consciousness. Shockingly, a mere 2 percent of interviewed e-scooter riders admitted to helmet use, whereas 66 percent of treated cyclists claimed to have worn one. The study suggests that advocating helmet usage, coupled with ensuring well-maintained travel surfaces, could significantly mitigate injuries among e-scooter riders.

Jessica Cicchino, the Vice President for Research at the IIHS, highlights the challenge: "We believe increased helmet use could reduce head injuries, but the logistics of providing helmets for e-scooters pose a challenge. Distributing helmets is tricky for e-scooter companies, and people may not want to carry them unless they're consistently riding a scooter."


The prevalence of e scooter actually aggravate the road safety. However, every vehicles should be allowed to use on the roads. In order to decrease it ,we have to pay more attention to safety problem. JOYOR has safest scooter to keep you safe.

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